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 Rebuilding Service




  • Complete disassembly of Carburetor.

  • Inspection of condition of unit.

  • Full cleaning of all parts.

  • Installation of all parts necessary for a proper rebuild.

  • Reassembly of carburetor.

  • We use only genuine, American-made ZENITH parts!


  1. Contact us via e-mail or telephone and let us know that you are sending in a carburetor to be rebuilt.

  2. Pack your carb well (see "Notes About Packing Your Item", below) and ship it - insured - to the address at the bottom of this page. Be SURE to include information INSIDE the box including your name, contact information, and return address that you want it shipped back to when it is finished.

  3. When your carburetor arrives at our shop, it will be examined to see if it can be rebuilt, and if it requires additional parts to do so, other than the standard rebuild kit.

  4. If your carburetor requires additional parts over and above the standard rebuild kit, you will be contacted and given a quote to properly rebuild it.

  5. If you accept our quote, we will proceed to place it in line to be rebuilt. If you do not authorize the additional parts, your carburetor will be returned to you, postage due.

  6. Once your carburetor is finished, you will be notified, and agree on the method of payment. We accept checks and money orders. We can send you an invoice, if you prefer, through PayPal.

  7. We will ship your carburetor, insured, to the address you have provided, upon receipt of payment.


We charge a flat rate of $150 to rebuild your carburetor, which includes a genuine ZENITH rebuild kit, before shipping, IF it has no need for additional parts.
PLEASE NOTE: When we disassemble your carburetor, we will examine it carefully and check to see if it needs additional parts. More often than not, it will need at least a few parts that are not included in the Kit, most notably the #C71-21 Main Jet Adjustment ("T-handle") and sometimes the Main Jet. You will be contacted before any work progresses and given a quote for the total cost to rebuild your unit. Once we receive approval from you for the total amount, we will proceed with the rebuild.


We warranty all parts provided and labor performed for 6-months, provided the unit does not exhibit signs of abuse.
Contact us before you send the unit back in, should you believe there is a problem with your rebuilt magneto.


  • We recommend using the Flat Rate boxes from the U. S. Postal Service. Please do not forget to insure your item when you send it!

  • PLEASE pack your item WELL, using heavy packing paper or newspaper wadded up into small balls.

  • Please do NOT use packing peanuts (they rise to the top, leaving your item at the bottom with no protection from the G-forces of travel), or bubble wrap with the small bubbles (large bubbles are "OK", but still not very good for heavy items like magnetos, carburetors, starters, or cylinders).

  • Old bath mats, door mats, carpet squares, old towels, paper towels, old Wal-Mart bags, and such like are NOT good choices for packing and protecting your unit (yes, we really have had people send in items wrapped in these - including a complete cylinder!).

  • Failure to use any packing at all (yes, we've seen that too) WILL result in damage to your item!

  • Lastly, PLEASE PUT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION INSIDE THE BOX! Sometimes, the labels get torn off the outside, and this is the only way we can know you own the item inside (and, yes, it's happened more than once).

We Are Now Recommending That You
Ship Your Carburetor To:

Jake's Antique Tractor Repair & Resoration



Tele: (508) 471-0312

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